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Please note...

A member reported receiving a letter in the mail from Constellation Electric.

The letter states- Constellation Electric can provide competitive energy supply service and a wide array of products to residential and business customers in the continental United States.

As a member of URE - it is not possible for you to change wholesale power suppliers. Only IOU customers may choose to accept a discounted wholesale rate, and then only if it is offered by a competitive retailer approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

Please also note: Your electric cooperative and 24 other distribution coops serving Ohio own Buckeye Power, Inc., a generation-and transmission cooperative (G&T) based in Columbus. Buckeye owns several power plants and controls other sources of generation. Wise business decisions and proper planning ensure a reliable supply of electricity at affordable rates for coop members without depending on the power market, which can expose end-use consumers of electricity to price volatility.

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