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Other URE Programs


Cool Returns Program

Energy efficiency and finding ways to reduce consumption, especially during peak use times, are very important in calculating future electric rates and capacity requirements. So much so that we are participating in the Cool Returns energy management program offered by Buckeye Power. Eligible residential participants will contribute to saving energy and receive a one time $100 credit on their bill.

Over the past 20 years, the percentage of homes with air conditioning has nearly doubled for Ohio’s electric cooperatives. This means more electricity is needed during the summer, which can create times of high demand. Electric companies must provide enough electricity for these times. But at what cost? The Cool Returns program helps control demand and future energy prices – but only if you participate. Cool Return switches are installed from the beginning of May until the end of Sept. More info -cool returns brochure and application form you can download/save and email as an attachment to


HVAC filters

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GenerLink Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are the only safe way to connect a standby generator to your home’s electrical system. GenerLink is an innovative device that puts an end to the hassles and headaches of connecting an emergency generator to your home’s wiring system. In fact, GenerLink makes connecting a generator as easy as plugging in a cord! Click here to learn more information.





Why should I participate? The EnviroWatts program gives you a chance to show your support for energy generated from renewablesources – sources such as wind, bio-digesters on animal farms and waste gas from landfills that might normally just be flared into the atmosphere. If producing electricity from renewable energy sources is important to you, EnviroWatts provides an easy, inexpensive way to show you care.

Can one person really make a difference? Absolutely! We’ve seen the EnviroWatts program grow because concerned cooperative members value the environment and want to ensure a more diversified energy future for their children and grandchildren.

Will the power be delivered to my home or business? The electricity generated for the EnviroWatts program goes into the power grid and not directly to your home or business.

What are the sources of energy for the EnviroWatts program? Renewable sources come from an ever-changing energy portfolio including wind, bio-digesters on farms and landfill methane gas, some of which are produced right here in Ohio. Electric power produced from a variety of renewable sources is purchased on behalf of the Ohio co-ops for this program.

Can I change or cancel my participation if I change my mind? Yes. You can add blocks or cancel your participation at any time.

Can businesses participate? They certainly can, and do! There’s also a bulk purchase program for businesses which want to show their support in a big way.

EnviroWatts brochure

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