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Power Quality

Protect your sensitive equipment

Power quality is a broad term that encompasses many issues of electric interruption or fluctuation. Generally a power outage or a blink is something that you can see in your business. Businesses that have computers, phones or other critical devices that need power interruption protection should be connected to a UPS (uninterrupted power supply).

There may be other more frequent power fluctuations-surges, spikes, swells, sags- that you don’t see. These power fluctuations may be as a result of internal equipment operation (motors/inductive loads) in the building or from external sources (lightning).

While we do everything possible to maintain our distribution system and provide quality power, many factors that affect the power that enters your business are out of our control. Lighting, demand from equipment, object contact with power lines, and the delivery of power to us may all cause inconsistencies that we cannot prevent.

To protect against these types potential problems the IEEE recommends that transient voltage surge suppression protection be placed on every electrical, CATV or phone conductor that enters your building.

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