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Understanding Peak Alerts


Due to extreme weather conditions, Union Rural Electric Cooperative issues a PEAK ALERT to help control the peak demand.  At the time when the alert is issued we ask all of our members to help conserve electricity, in order to control the level of peak demand and ultimately the cost of power.

During the alerts, you can help in three ways:
1.  Reduce 50% or more lighting usage
2.  Change your thermostat setting three to five degrees
3.  Postpone major work that uses electricity

URE stresses that there is not a shortage in electricity.  Rather, URE strives to keep peak usage down, which in turn keeps customers’ rates lower.  Demand is the measure of how much power is being used at any given time.  A portion of what URE pays for electricity is determined by the peak demand.

During peak alerts URE also controls water heaters and air conditioning units on members whom have chosen to participate in our Radio Control Switch program.  During peak alert times the radio control switch turns off water heaters for the duration of the peak and air conditioning units are turned off for a maximum of 12 minutes in a 30 minute cycle. Members who participate in the Radio Control Switch Program receive a rebate. They also are helping to keep the cooperative’s overall power cost down. 


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Together We Save Around the Home - Stopping Phantom Loads (HD)

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